The ToddlerCalm education programme

Coming out of the baby stage and finding yourself living with a toddler, who has some very definite opinions can be a bit of a shock! Life with toddlers can be challenging throughout their development, but it can be a lot of fun too. 

ToddlerCalm is here to help you to understand what is going on, and restore some calm to fraught situations. We support parents of children aged 1 to 4 years old with a range of sessions covering key topics including sleep, eating, play and learning, and behaviour.

We’ll help you to understand your toddler, their physical and brain development, their communication, needs and behaviours. You’ll learn lots of gentle techniques and how to work out solutions that fit your own family in many of the key areas of life with a toddler. 

Parents who take the ToddlerCalm course feel empowered to build a calmer relationship with their toddlers that can last a lifetime!

In their second year
The transition between baby and fiesta independent toddler is both wonderful and a shock to the system! ToddlerCalm is here to help.
"Terrible twos"
Two-year-olds have a mind of their own, but struggle to communicate it. Our sessions help reduce tension and restore calm and balance to family relationships.
Find out what is happening for them, understand their more mystifying behaviours, and restore calm and balance to family life.
"Fierce fours"
Four-year-olds are fantastic, fun and fierce! At times they can seem older than their years, and at others it feels like having a new toddler all over again. We can help you calmly manage everything parent-life throws your way!

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The ToddlerCalm course

In the ToddlerCalm programme, the course offers a series of six sessions that support parents with every aspect of life with a toddler. Starting with understanding toddlers, managing behaviour and optimising brain development, and then moving onto tackling difficult sleep, eating and toilet learning.

The ToddlerCalm course


Our workshops are single group sessions of between 3 and 4 hours, covering one particular area of life with babies. The new baby workshop supports parents in the first 4 months, whereas the calmer babies workshop focuses on calm with babies from 4 to 12 months. There is also a sleep workshop, a weaning workshops, and a workshops for optimising development through play with babies under 12 months.



Bespoke education and support in one or multiple sessions, privately with a consultant. The consultant will work with you and your family to meet your needs, and support your goals and approach to parenting. They can cover multiple specialisms and areas of knowledge for which they are trained.



Our groups are for parents of babies at all stages, offering a chance to connect with others, and dip in and out of education and support as needed. These are drop in sessions, with a small entry free to cover costs.


Key elements of calmer lives with toddlers

Understanding toddlers

Affective touch is scientifically proven to be the most important and impactful of our senses, and a necessary part of human connection and wellbeing. What we know is that touch is so much more than just massage, and so we teach is all, from a wide perspective and from principle.

Sensory regulation

Toddlers are highly sensory beings. Without the neocortex and cognitive functions to consciously filter sensory input the world is vibrant, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. We support parents to understand their toddler's sensory experience and help them balance the necessary sensory stimulation and exploration with sensory calming techniques. What's more, parents usually learn to be more aware of their own sensory environment and the impact it has on their level of calm. This can help all members of families to better regulate their senses and improve their wellbeing.

Toddler eating

Find out about toddler nutrition, and the psychology of toddler eating. Understand what is happening for a 'picky eater', recognise how toddlers balance their nutrition, and discover ways to support your toddler to develop a balanced approach to eating that will become a lifelong pattern.


"Toilet training" are words that can fill a toddler parent with apprehension. We help parents to understand the physical and neurological development that toddlers have to undergo to learn to use the toilet reliably and independently. We support parents to help toddlers understand the norms and practices around toilet use. We use our approach to learning to bring a calm smooth transition to toilet use, with less stress and less mess.

Response and discipline

Moving our bodies nurtures all of our body systems, supports development, and regulates multiple senses at once. We combine a scientific understanding of physiology, human development and sensory regulation, with the wisdom of ancient movement practices across cultures.

Optimising sleep

Find out about how sleep develops, and how to make holistic changes that can help toddlers to sleep more easily and calmly, and promote more sleep for the whole family.

Neurological optimisation

Toddlers are constantly learning and exploring. What conditions do they need to learn optimally? How can we support toddler development and learning to ensure toddlers have the ideal conditions to thrive and learn? Find out about how play performs the most vital developmental functions for calm, attached toddlers. Neurological optimalisation sounds scary, but really it means ensuring a toddler is calm and well regulated so they can get the most out of all the opportunities to learn and develop that everyday life offers!

Practical tools

From tools for calming toddlers, to managing meltdowns or tantrums; tools for understanding toddler communication and needs, tools for reducing difficult behaviour. We aim to provide parents with a wealth of tools, and the understanding they need to select the right tool for the situation. Rather than offering parents an off the shelf solution we help you understand the problem, pin point the needs, and select tools that meet that need, without creating a new problem down the line.

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What people think?

"So easy to relate to the information to our lives and take it away to use in everyday situations. ."
Toddler behaviour
"The knowledge I gained from the course is precious. It was relatable and felt very individually tailored. I would absolutely recommend the ToddlerCalm course to friends/family.."
ToddlerCalm course
" Since I started using the what I learned my toddler has become much calmer and I've been more confident in trusting my instincts instead of what other people say."
ToddlerCalm course