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Do you want to help parents understand their toddlers, and bring calm, joy and fun back to their family life?

Toddler specialist consultants have a width and breadth of knowledge about child development and behaviour during the period between 12 months up to five years old that is completely unrivalled by any other training we have ever encountered. Believe us, we have checked out a lot!

You will be able to support and educate parents on neurological, psychological and physical development, normal toddler behaviour, and communication. You will be able to cover sleep from a normal, biological perspective and in the context of modern society. nutrition, feeding and eating for toddlers, carrying after the first year, a whole toolkit of calming techniques and providing solid foundations for having calmer relationships in the future. You can read a full outline below.

You will have access to our frameworks to ensure that parents have the tools they need to make individual choices for their family now and in the future. 

We are educators, consultants and specialists, but not experts. Parents are the experts in their own children. Families learn how to be the experts in their own unique situation more and more as we facilitate their understanding, and their calmer relationships.

With your knowledge you will offer bespoke parenting consultations for parents of children aged 12 months to school age, and a programme of workshops and courses under the ToddlerCalm brand (with membership of the community). These include:

The training process

Interactive learning

As part of a blended learning experience, you will receive interactive learning with CalmFamily leadership.

Interactive learning

Choose whether to train in a live, interactive online training group, or in person in the UK, or you can set up one-to-one private training

Assessment process

Not as scary as it sounds, we promise. You have 12 weeks from the completion of your interactive training to complete the assessment.

Reflective assessments

The assessment is a reflective process. You work through how to prepare to support parents in different contexts. You also create a couple of resources.
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Online modules

Alongside this, you will undertake online modules in our system that form the deeper knowledge our consultants have.

Online modules

The modules include written content, videos, and assessments. They are comprehensive, and you are fully supported to succeed.
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After your training we support you to get going through our online community. We also offer a mentoring process to work one-to-one supporting your development in your chosen areas.


Our mentoring programme involves mentoring, community practice and reflection to help you develop you skills and your business in the way that is right for you.
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You will study modules online, covering:

Anyone who joins CalmFamily as a consultant gets access to our 10 core modules providing them with a basic understanding of human beings, and our approach to working with families, and leading for change. We suggest working through these before moving onto specialist module content. However, how you direct your learning process is up to you. You can read the online written content alongside the interactive training events. Some people begin working through modules before attending the interactive training, and others use them afterwards to add depth and breadth to their knowledge once they are trained in supporting families. 

Each specialism also has a literature review, of recommended reading and reflective questions to consider. The reading list is not compulsory, but is beneficial for many trainees. If you are wondering whether or not training is right for you, we are happy to send you a copy of the literature review with reflective questions to see if it piques your interest. We also offer CPD sessions open to the public where you can get a taster of life as part of CalmFamily. 

Core CalmFamily modules

A relatively quick module that takes you through the history, structure, values, approach and programmes within CalmFamily, including information about our projects in development.

In this module you will gain understanding of the social, legal, political, historical and anthropological concepts surrounding child-bearing, childhood and family life. You will also consider the complexity of the concept of family in our modern society and how this impacts practice.

A brief introduction to the body systems forming a basic understanding needed for other modules that involve discussion of things such as hormones and digestion.

A brief introduction to developmental neuroscience, the evolutionary process that created the human brain and factors influencing the development of the brain, and how motivation works.

This module provides the basic theories of developmental and social psychology including attachment, human needs, motivation and resilience.

In this module we look in depth at the science of the senses, looking at the most up-to-date concepts of the 5 external senses, the 3 internal senses and the balance of regulation.

In this module you will study the neurological and physiological processes of sleep, what is normal for humans and the issues society faces in this regard.

​We will also look at the science of the different states of relaxation according to various schools of thought and research.

In this module we examine the basics of nutritional biology, human infant feeding, introducing solid foods, how humans intuitively eat, and the science of taste.

This module covers the principles of how humans learn, and the essential role that play plays in this at all ages. 

We often dismiss play as something that only children do, but the loss of play and a playful approach to life is associated with many problems for adults too. This module helps you understand what play is, and why it is so crucially important.

Everyone who joins CalmFamily to educate and support for a calmer future is a leader. In this module we explore what this means, how to do this authentically for you, and what bravery really means, especially when you rarely feel brave. We also talk about some important business stuff that is practically very helpful.

Toddler specialist modules

The recommended reading list and reflective questions. This does not need to be completed first. 

An in-depth module taking you through basic neuroscience, the development of brains, and a basic but thorough understanding of the relevant areas of developmental psychology and the psychology of motivation. This module helps you to understand what toddlers are capable of at various points in their physical, neurological and psychological development. It is essential understanding for supporting parents to create realistic expectations of toddlers.

This module will provide a good understanding of what it is like to be a toddler, their needs, communication and their behaviour. 

In this module you will recognise the relationship between needs and behaviour, and look at how to support parents to understand and manage toddler behaviour.

With the underpinning understanding from earlier modules, we explore how parents can approach having calmer relationships with their babies. We look at how to use CalmFamily frameworks to support parents in an empowering way.

In this module we look at how we can support the development of toddlers in general and in relation to specific skills through an understanding of how toddlers learn, play and are motivated. We take an in depth look at the evidence around play and look at how we can support parents to apply CalmFamily’s core framework for learning and development.

This module takes you through:

  • The biological science of sleep
  • Gives a historical and evolutionary perspective of our societal sleep practices
  • Provides a good understanding of normal sleep for toddlers
  • Critically analyses common sleep training strategies
  • Covers sleep safety with toddlers, for which there is little guidance
  • Takes you through our frameworks for supporting parents with toddler sleep

In this module you will be taken through the science and psychology of eating, how toddlers differ from adults, the science of taste and what we generally want to achieve with parenting around eating. We go through really common toddler eating problems and then how to manage toddler eating with a calmer approach and to meet parents long terms goals. Furthermore we look at the development of the digestive and elimination systems in toddlers.

This module provides an in-depth understanding of elimination, and the many developmental milestones that need to be reached for toddlers to manage the whole aspect of toilet learning reliably and independently. We look at the history of toilet learning, and social and cultural norms.

We cover how to support parents to approach toilet learning in as a low a mess and low-stress way as possible. 

This module is a little different.  there is nothing to read. Instead you find a mini research project. You are asked to find out about a list of mainstream toddler “experts”, to summarise their approach, and the pros and cons of this approach using the understanding you have developed in the rest of the course.

This comes with no judgment at all, many people, including some of the directors of CalmFamily, have followed their advice in the past. The purpose is to understand what information parents are receiving from other sources, to recognise the principles on which the advice is based, so you can understand how and when it may work, and when it may not. This module also helps you to understand the challenges faced by parents when trying to find out about an expert before buying into their approach. This module can really help you understand the experience of struggling parents, and help you support them appropriately.

This final module, alongside your interactive training days, will prepare you for being a toddler specialist consultant. You will gain a good understanding of the ToddlerCalm programme, of our principles and approach to facilitating learning for families, and you will have the chance to re-visit material covered in the face to face training.

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