The BabyCalm education programme

Within BabyCalm we support parents with a range of classes, from pregnancy until your baby turns one. These aren’t like other baby classes. We provide you with real information about infant development and behaviour. Understanding your baby, and their needs helps you respond in ways that both lead to a calmer life now and support your baby’s development for the future. Making informed choices to meet your needs and those of your baby helps to build a healthy relationship founded on equality.

You will understand your baby’s physical, neurological and psychological development and how the way we care for babies impacts these. Responding to your baby in developmentally appropriate ways promotes supports calmer relationships, and a more enjoyable and manageable life with your baby.

In pregnancy
A workshop about preparing for calm, or a 4-week course preparing for life with a baby in every way,
With newborns
A workshop to understand your newborn and what the fourth trimester is really about, or a 6-week course to add support with sleep, communication, feeding and more.
4-12 months
Workshops covering calming, sleep, weaning, play and development, or a course covering all that you need.
A group for expectant and new parents to come together, learn, be supported and connect.

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1 Workshops
2 Courses
3 Consultations
4 Groups


Our workshops are one-off sessions lasting around 4 hours. They each cover one specific area of life with babies.

Newborn workshop

Supports parents to understand and care for their baby in the first 4 months.

Calmer baby workshop

Focuses on understanding babies from 4 to 12 months and developing techniques to promote calm.

Baby sleep workshop

Covers sleep development, needs, and support for parents with babies over 4 months.

The weaning workshop

For parents of babies approaching 6 months old to explore how to support their baby to learn to eat solid food. 

Building babies' brains

Looks at how parents can support babies' learning and development through play up to 12 months.



Our courses in BabyCalm offer a series of sessions (either 4 or 6) that support parents with babies at a particular stage. There is a course for expectant parents to prepare for their life with their baby, one for parents with new babies, and one for supporting development throughout the first year.



One-to-one education and support in one or multiple sessions, privately with a consultant. The consultant will work with you and your family to meet your needs, and support your goals and approach to parenting. They can cover multiple specialisms and areas of knowledge for which they are trained.

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Our groups are for parents of babies at all stages, offering a chance to connect with others, and dip in and out of learning and support as needed. These are drop in sessions, with a small entry free to cover costs.

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Key elements of calmer lives with babies

Understanding babies

How do babies communicate?
What do babies need?
Why do they cry?
Will they ever learn to be independent?
Am I creating bad habits?
Can my baby manipulate me?

Learning about each other

Every baby is different. Whether this is your first or your fifth. The same techniques don't soothe every baby. You have to get to know them as an individual, and they get to know you too. As you spend time with them, those periods gazing at a newborn, you pick up on their cues; their communication from the earliest age. You begin to know what they need before they are upset. Knowing and understanding each other is key to supporting calm babies, calm families and calmer relationships for all.

Development and attachment

So much happens for your baby in the first year of their life. Just compare a curled up newborn to a tottering 12 month old, beginning to speak, and with definite opinions! BabyCalm helps you understand how your baby is developing, and how you can work with and support that development. Attachment, that is bonding with a parent or caregiver, is the single most important factor in supporting your baby's development. When people say you can't spoil a baby with love, they're entirely correct. Those hugs mean more than a brief physical connection, they support independence, trust, love, exploration, learning and much more.

Feeling happy with feeding

Milk feeding makes up the whole of your baby's diet at first. It can continue to be an important source of nutrition and bonding for a long time. However, you're feeding your baby, feeling confident, and informed is key to calm feeding.

Do you want to know more about paced bottle feeding?Find tips to improve baby's latch? Understand cluster feeding? Or are you trying to find out if your baby's feeding behaviour is normal? Here at CalmFamily we know how important it is to feel empowered, informed and confident about feeding your baby.

Calming the senses

For all their life a baby has been in a warm, dim, snug environment. Then, all of a sudden, it's life on the outside and nothing is the same again!

Babies' senses are hugely more active than adults, and they experience everything more intensely. BabyCalm offers sensory soothing techniques for calming, babies, empowering you to understand your baby's experience and meet their needs.

Optimising sleep

Sleeping like a baby is one of the most misleading phrases in the English language. Ask any parent! As a parent, getting more precious sleep can make the whole of life much less stressful!

Having all the tools

When we talk about tools, we don't mean equipment. In fact, for most people a lot of 'essential baby kit' is a marketing ploy, not a need. No, we are talking about understanding your baby, and their needs. We will support you to figure out how best to meet those needs.

This is different for every baby and every family, because every baby and family is different! One size fits all does not work. You are the expert in your baby and your family. We offer you information and frameworks to make informed and effective choices to meet your needs, and those of your baby.

Confident weaning

Many parents are unsure about how to approach weaning. Whilst there are lots of guides out there, they often seem to conflict with each other and with official guidelines.

We talk about what the real signs of readiness are, and approach introducing solids as the first step in a long journey of learning to eat. This includes encountering flavours, and textures, but also includes the practical skills for self-feeding, and learning the eating behaviours of your unique family.

We also cover safety concerns regarding all feeding methods. You will be able to make informed decisions and keep your baby safe, embarking on this delicious, messy adventure together!

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What people think?

"I feel so enlightened after attending the Calmer baby workshop, I can't wait to start trying it out at home and sharing with my partner."
Calmer baby
"I would totally recommend the New baby course to empower you as a parent of a wakeful or crying baby."
New baby
"Highly recommend the new baby course and the weaning workshop. Enjoyed them both! We will definitely be back."
Weaning workshop
and New baby course