About CalmFamily

CalmFamily is a social enterprise and a community organisation. We use the business’ profit to invest in the community and to work for social aims.

CalmFamily offers evidence-based education that helps families develop calmer brains, and calmer relationships. Our education also always comes with individualised support to enable families to make their own choices.

The leaders in our community researches and puts together scientific evidence of how humans develop, behave, and interact, to create our unique education and support programmes. Our sessions are not only informative and supportive, but follow a specifically designed structure that meets families’ needs, taking them through a process that helps change happen more easily. These sessions are delivered by our consultant community, who we educate and support widely and deeply to ensure a very high standard.

It is key to our work and our community that we empower people, facilitate empathy for one another, and help people treat each other as equals. This enables people to have calmer relationships.
The organisation is committed to passing on the deep understanding of principles that can be used in many contexts, rather than rules or methods. Our approach is centred around striving for growth, whilst knowing that perfection is both unachievable but more importantly undesirable.

You can read more about the way we do business, the community organisation structure, our history, the approach we take to relationships, our mission, vision and values in more depth in these pages.
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