Our community is impacting the future... and so could you

Together, we educate and support anyone who can make a real change to how children are raised, treated, viewed, and valued in society. That includes educating and supporting families and professionals, and you can make a massive difference.

"It was nothing like any other training or education I have undertaken before, and everything like what I believe the future of training and connecting with each other should be..."
Rach Barlee

Join a community

When you come to train with, you join a community, a family, and with that comes collaboration, support, new friendships and an ongoing relationship. Instead of simply learning some new things, you join a cause, and you find people passionate about the same things as you are, who you can lean on, and get excited with.

Keep learning
Build friendships
Family friendly
Be free

Is this for me?

This opportunity is for you if you:

  • Are a parent, have cared for children, or work in parent support.
  • Understand and believe in our values and in calmer relationships deeply (more on this in our About us section).
  • Have the vision to achieve your own version of success
  • Genuinely want to support families inclusively and without judgment.
  • Have an ethical and community oriented attitude.
  • Strive to create a world with a calmer, more empathic, equal and empowering approach to relationships.

This opportunity is NOT for you if you:

  • Think there is one right way to be a fab parent
  • Think you will become “the expert” in parenting
  • Expect to be successful without doing the work
  • Want to work alone, without supporting, or being supported by other people
  • Think you have it all worked out and have nothing left to learn
  • Are not truly excited by the idea of changing society. 

Affordable, flexible, accessible, learning

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Train anywhere in the world

With our online training option you can train anywhere in the world.

Pay in instalments and start now

You can pay a deposit, and pay the rest on a payment plan over 6 or 12 months. It doesn't cost you more, and you can get started with online module content immediately.

Learn at your pace, even when interacting

There is no time limit for working through written material. All members you have access to our most up to date manual and training content. If life gets in the way, you can re-attend training again and again. You absolutely cannot lose.

Support to apply for funding

If we can, we will support you to apply for funding to get your training place subsidised or fully funded. Several trainees have successfully applied for funded training positions.

Flexible membership

Once trained you can use your learning to work as you choose. You only need membership or a licence if you are running our branded programmes, and you can take or leave that as you choose. You can also pay for that flexibly.

Learn online or in person

Choose between an in person course in the UK, or a fully online interactive training accessible worldwide.

Bursary & discounts for under-represented groups

We offer a fully bursaried place on every course we run for groups underrepresented in our community. Everyone eligible to apply for the bursary is entitled to a 10% diversity discount. (See training policies for details.)

Explicitly inclusive and accessible

We welcome a diverse community. We work hard to ensure our training is accessible and inclusive. Whoever you are, you are welcome here, and whatever needs you have, we will do all we can to meet them. If you want to chat about your situation, we would love to chat.

Blended learning in one community space

Your in-depth online modules, and interactive online learning occur right here in our website, seamlessly integrated into our in-house online community.

If you're still not sure

This is Lauren, one of our Certified Parenting Consultants talking about what it was like to train and what it is like to be part of our community. Since training, Lauren has started her business running ToddlerCalm sessions, started a very successful Facebook group and has written and published a book. Lauren was a school teacher and changed to  home educate her two children whilst doing this work.

If you have questions, or want to talk through any aspect of training, then get in touch to arrange a call and we will answer any of your questions.

The most comprehensive training and support around

We think it is important that when you support others, you know what you are doing. It is important, not just because that is what people deserve from our offering, but because it really helps you to go out there confident, and ready to change the world.