Calm and connect groups


Calm and connect groups

A space for anyone expecting with a child between 1 and 5. Our groups offer an opportunity for parents to connect with other families, learn a little and find non-judgmental support.

At groups you can expect...

These groups are a new part of the ToddlerCalm offering, and each consultant offers them in their own way. They may be a relaxed family friendly group walk with a chance to chat as you amble, whilst others have a fixed venue, whether it is a hall, cafe, or a home. You will need to contact your local consultant to enquire whether they offer a group and how it works.

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Frequently asked questions

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We have our own online social community here in our website, safe from Facebook or some of the scarier parenting forums. There are no ads, and our groups and forums are managed by CalmFamily leaders, with our values at heart.