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Caring for your rental sling

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Caring for your rental sling

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Washing your rental sling

Washing our rentals slings repeatedly can lead to fading and aging, and using a detergent with optical brighteners can damage the structure of the carrier. We therefore ask that you do NOT wash carriers unless absolutely necessary, but rather spot clean with water or a damp cloth.

However, we understand accidents happen, especially with children involved!  So, if you need to wash the sling get in touch for specific instructions, and use either no detergent or a liquid detergent containing no optical brighteners at 30 degrees. (We use Splosh.)

Please shape and hang to dry naturally and thoroughly. DO NOT tumble dry or iron, this can damage many of the wraps and carriers. 

We do not expect you to wash it the rental sling whilst on hire. In fact, we prefer that you do not. We wash all slings that need it when they arrive back with us. Only if stains do not come out with washing will there be any concerns.

Avoiding damage

Please do all you can to keep the rental carrier safe. Pay attention to carrier straps near car doors, and avoid getting woven wraps snarled up with velcro. If you damage a rental sling, let us know. We may be able to easily fix a buckle costing you only a few pounds to have it repaired. If it is stained, or cosmetically damaged in a way that means we cannot hire it out again, but which does not make it unsafe to use we will usually offer you the option to buy it at a price that covers our replacement cost. We understand that accidents happen and we will work with you to find a solution.

no smoking in our slings

Smoking when using a rental sling

We ask that you do not smoke whilst using our rental carriers and that you do not use it or take it into very smoky areas.

Smoke residue is impossible to fully remove from carriers. We will be unable to continue to hire out carriers that have been contaminated with cigarette smoke.

plane flying with kids

Taking the carrier abroad

You are very welcome to take our rental slings abroad. Many of our rental slings are very well travelled. They can be really useful in the airport and on all parts of your travel. However, please be aware that if you stow it in the hold and your luggage goes missing you will be liable for the full RRP of the carrier. We suggest that you keep the carrier with you, either wearing it, or in your hand luggage.

Losing a sling

If you lose a rental sling whilst on hire to you you let us know. You are be liable for the RRP of the carrier if it is lost. We will offer you ways to pay this fee to make it as stress free as possible. This does not include if it goes missing in the post using our return label. Keep your tracking details when returning a rental sling. If it doesn’t get back to us, when you provide the tracking details we can raise a case with Royal Mail.

Get help with slings and carrying

If you’d like any help at any point on your sling journey, why not get in touch by email, or call us on 01133 206 545 to book a FREE 15 minute phone consultation or a longer phone or video consultation. We can help you find the right sling for your situation

Meanwhile, find out more about slings, carriers and carrying in the carrying section of our Knowledge hub

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