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Storchenwiege Baby Carrier half buckle in the spotlight

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Storchenwiege Baby Carrier half buckle in the spotlight

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Introducing the Storchenwiege baby carrier

A half buckle carrier

The Storchenwiege baby carrier is is always hugely popular in our local library sessions, especially with parents of newborn and younger babies. The Storchenwiege carrier is a carrier that fits small babies and will also last long-term. These carriers are suitable from birth up to around 15 kg. Furthermore you can use them in a front, hip or back carry.

storchenwiege baby carrier adjustable newborn back carry front hip tie strraps half buckle woven wrap

Storchenwiege baby carrier: features and functionality

Storchenwiege wrap fabric

Storchenwiege is a German family based company. They create high-quality, safety tested woven wraps and carriers from woven wrap fabric.  The Storchenwiege baby carrier is a half buckle carrier. With its buckled waistband and tie-around shoulder straps, it features many of the benefits of their lovely woven wraps. It’s made from Storchenwiege’s soft, but supportive, wrap fabric. This molds beautifully around your baby’s body, using the woven wrap fabric’s diagonal elasticity to smoothly support them.

Adjustable for the perfect fit

The panel of the Storchenwiege baby carrier is also height and width adjustable. You can set the base width of the panel with a webbing strap. Additionally, you can set the width at the top of the panel, and the panel height, using toggle straps. Consequently you can fine tune the size of the panel to fit your baby perfectly; so you can ensure a great fit from newborn all the way to toddler. 

This adjustment system offers a great deal of versatility in contrast to the limited settings offered by press studs. Even the hood, or head support, is adjustable. You can shorten it and fit it around your baby’s head. Once secured it supports one side of the head whilst leaving the face uncovered. This means you can see them to check their safety at all times.

Half buckle benefits

The waistband’s buckled fastening allows you to quickly and easily secure the bottom of the panel before positioning your baby in the carrier. Tie on straps allow you to easily change carrying position, for instance, moving easily from front to hip carry. Moreover you can tie these straps in a range of ways, which ensures your comfort. The ties straps are also useful for extending the support of the carrier into the child’s knee pits once the panel no longer reaches from knee to knee.

meh dai widen panel

Effective tightening with crossed straps.

This video demonstrates how to effectively tighten crossed shoulder straps. Whilst it shows a full buckle carrier the principle is the same on the half buckle carrier. Rather than feeding the slack around to the buckle, you feed it around to your knot.

Back carrying in the Storchenwiege baby carrier

The Storchenwiege baby carrier comes with matching chest clips to prevent the straps from slipping off narrower shoulders in a back carry. However, you could choose to tie off the straps “Tibetan Style”, as sown in this video. This versatility means that they suit a huge range of people of all shapes and sizes and can easily be fitted between different sizes and shapes of parents and carers who share a carrier.

This video shows how to use a half buckle baby carrier to back carry your baby. 

In short...

In short, the Storchenwiege baby carrier is quick and simple to put on, comfy to use and packs down small. It’s easy to carry in a bag, car or pushchair in case you need it.

So, how can I try the Storchenwiege baby carrier?

We have the Storchenwiege baby carrier available to hire from our online sling library.

 We offer both ‘Try before you buy’ and payment plans on this carrier in our shop

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