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Scootababy in the spotlight

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Scootababy in the spotlight

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Introducing the Scootababy

The Scootababy is a buckle carrier like no other. It features a unique single shoulder strap configuration making it perfect for hip carries, as well as front and back.

In many buckle carriers where hip carries are an option they can be fiddly.  They’re often uncomfortable with straps criss-crossing your body, and baby’s weight pulling on your neck.

Not so with the Scootababy! The single shoulder strap goes diagonally across the body. Its soft stretchy fabric cups your shoulder, spreads the weight and prevents straps moving to your neck. The structured and supportive waistband distributes the weight through the hips, and away from neck and shoulders. The shoulder strap simply supports the weight of your baby, holding them snugly into your body.

The waistband makes hip carrying comfy even for parents who struggle with the asymmetry of hip carries in ring slings, or wraps. Whilst its unique selling point is its fantastic hip carries, it also offers comfy front and back carries.

Scootababy: features and functionality

A comfy front carry in the Scootababy

Scootababy: for the 'nosy baby'!

The Scootababy is great for babies from about 4 months. It is an excellent carrier for babies who are not used to being carried in slings; the hip carry position, which recreates how parents often carry in arms, feels familiar and comfortable for the child. It can encourage them to feel at home in a sling even when this is a new experience for them.

It offers hip carries that are comfy for the parent, making it great for the “nosy baby” stage between 4-6 months. Around this age babies who previously loved the snuggled up feeling of stretchy wraps often start to enjoy looking around more, and participating in their surroundings. Using a hip carry can allow babies to snuggle into their carer when they need comfort, or to look around see everything going on around them too.

scootababy buckle carrier sling baby toddler front hip back ring sling hire buy rent library try before you buy Scootababy grey Granny gets handsfree cuddles so can focus on chatting with her grandson.

Using the Scootababy

Hip carrying with the Scootababy

Front carrying with the Scootababy

Restricted shoulder mobility: an excellent option

The Scootababy is also amazing for people with limited mobility in the arms or hands. I recommend this carrier a lot for people with frozen shoulder with a limited range of movement in one arm. You can put it on, and tighten one handed. The strap cupping the frozen shoulder is comfy, and maintains the full use of your “good arm”.

I first came across the Scootababy when my Mum had a shoulder injury and was struggling to carry my son. We looked into a sling that could help, and it was the perfect solution; it was comfy and supportive, and she was happy to put it on without help as it felt so intuitive.

The Scootababy also has only one buckle at the waist. It is a relatively large buckle, and so is easier to manage for people who lack strength to grip and press small buckles between their fingers.

The shoulder strap tightens from the front or back, whichever you find easiest. It is simple to loosen by lifting the large buckle.

Scootababy with a frozen shoulder

This video shows how to use a Scootababy for people with a frozen shoulder giving them very limited mobility in one arm. 

How can I try the Scootababy?

We have several Scootababy available to hire. Simply enter  “Scootababy” into the search box to see all currently available.

We offer both ‘Try before you buy’ and payment plans when buying from our shop.

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