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Rock Solid Slings Rainbow Podaegi

By Rock Solid Slings

Please note: it will not arrive on this date


Why we love it:

This podaegi is is gorgeous - a real statement piece, handmade from woven wrap fabric by Rock Solid Slings. It really shows off what a talented podaegi maker can do for you! It features a cheery rainbow applique on one side and plain blue on the other. It has wide wrap straps and no hood.

 Podaegis are fab. Podaegi (pronounced poh-deh-gee) are based on Korean designs.  Podaegis have quilted, wide blankets with a strap across the top. Podaegis are intended for back carrying. They are like mei dais but without the waist straps, so essentially a rectangle of material (called the blanket) with two shoulder straps, one on each top corner. You tie the shoulder straps much like you do with a mei dai, by crossing them over and under baby's knee pits, to form a seat with the blanket exactly where it’s needed. One podaegi will therefore suit from newborn to pre-schooler with no faffing in between to adjust.

You might see this type of carrier refered to as a 'pod' but this shortening of podaegi is now considered outdated. Podaegi means “baby blanket with strap.“


Ideal for: newborns, younger babies, older babies, toddler, preschoolers
Suitable for: all wearers
Carries: ideal for front carries and back carries, also possibly hip carries
Material: cotton wrap body and straps
Width of main panel: approx. cm / inches
Length of main panel: approx. cm / inches
Maximum waist setting: approx. cm / inches
Length of one shoulder strap: approx. cm / inches
Padding: none
Hood: no hood
Reversible: yes, from rainbow pattern to plain blue
Brand: Rock Solid Slings
RRP: £80

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Videos Courtesy of Ellie at Peekaboo Slings


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