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Luna Meh-Dai Tara Joy

By Luna

Please note: it will not arrive on this date

 Why we love it:

We love these beautifully soft, woven wrap baby carriers from Luna. They can be used from around 1 month until around 2 years. It's made from their 100% cotton wraps (without toxic dyes), including the herringbone Tara weave, that is soft, grippy, cushy and much loved in their wraps and ring slings..

 This carrier is based on an East Asian traditional baby carrier which is still in use today.  Meh dai (Cantonese) or bei dai (Mandarin) are rectangles of fabric with straps at the top and bottom. Meh dai means “back carrying strap" where “meh/bei” means “carry on your back,” and “dai” means strap.  You might also see this type of carrier referred to as a 'mei tai', however that term is now considered out of date because it is an inaccurate translation.

You might also see this brand of carrier referred to as a 'Wrap-Tai', however that term is now considered by many to be inappropiate because the abbreviation does not preserve the cultural origins of the carrier



Ideal for: smaller babies, larger babies, younger toddlers
Suitable for: suits all sizes of people
Carries: front carries and back carries
Material: woven wrap
Special features: attached flat hood,padded waistband

Body panel: contoured at the top
Width of main panel: approx. 31.5cm
Length of main panel: approx. 41cm
Waist: gently contouring waist belt, medium width with light padding.
Waist strap length: approx. 175cm
Shoulder straps: Gathered at the top, flare out to wide wrap straps
Shoulder strap length: 220cm long
Hood: attached sleep hood, adjustable
Chest strap: integrated and adjustable height
Reversible: no
Brand: Luna
Manufacturer's Guidelines for Use

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