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Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Panda (Black and White) Hybrid Stretchy Wrap


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 Why we love it:

As a hybrid wrap, while suitable for young babies, it is also suitable for older babies and toddlers. One of the more expensive options in the stretchy wrap category, but it is wide and supportive. It is one of few stretchy wraps that we would recommend be used on the hip and back as well as just the front. If you want a sling to last from birth to toddler-hood this is a contender.
Suitable for newborns and preemies, the Original Wrap can also be used with toddlers up to 36 months old. For the stretchy wrap lovers, this wrap allows them to carry their child for much longer after they out grow most other stretchy wraps. Discreet breastfeeding can also be easily achieved with a JPMBB Original Wrap.
You can really tell its well made - you can feel the quality! The fabric used in the wrap is stretchy in three directions and dense and breathable. Its incredibly supportive, the wrap moulds to babies' body like a second skin. And, the JPMBB wrap can be pre-tied prior to putting baby in, even for bigger babies so is a great wrap for beginners too.



Ideal for: all sized babies, from premature babies to pre schoolers
Suitable for: all sized people
Carries: several front, back and hip carries
Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastene
Width: approx.70cm
Length: approx 4.9m
Weight: approx. 180 grams per metre
Brand: JPMBB (Je Porte Mon Bebe)
Manufacturer's Guidelines for Use

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