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Girasol Dark Rainbow Ring Sling

By Girasol

Please note: it will not arrive on this date

Our View

Why we love it: This is a stunning dark rainbow ring sling in a diamond weave.

This is one of our longer ring slings, so may be more suitable for people who like a longer 'tail' on their ring sling.

This ring sling has a gathered shoulder. Although it is a very personal choice, this is the style that suits most people. With a gathered shoulder you are able to get a good spread of fabric across your shoulder and back which means that the weight of your child is evenly distributed.
We love Girasol ring slings so much, we also sell them!



Ideal for: all sized babies, from premature babies to pre schoolers
Suitable for: all sized people, the smaller you are- the longer the tail of the ring sling will be
Carries: designed for hip carries, but front and back carries also possible

Shoulder style: gathered shoulder
Width: approx. 68cm
Length: approx. 2m

Cost New: approx.£65
Deposit:£40 (waivered if you are a member)

Did you know we also offer workshops that cover ring slings? Ring Sling Rodeo - to help you get the most out of a ring slings.

How to Rent

This carrier is available to rent!

These are the steps needed to rent this carrier:

1) select a type of hire

2) select a hire period

3) choose a date from the calendar for the start of your hire

4) select a method of picking the sling up

5) select a method of returning the sling

6) click 'add to shopping basket'

This rental will now be added to your shopping basket and when you have finished shopping and are ready to check out, you will be asked to pay the rental fee.

Top tips:

If you select an option where you collect it from us in person, please check our event calendar to double check we are planning to be where you expect us to be.

If you have selected a postal loan, the rental period will be extended by 2 days to allow for postage so you should have as close as possible to the full amount of time selected to use the sling (dependent on postage selected and when weekends fall). For example, if you pick one week's postal hire, the sling will be due back 9 days after the start of your loan.

You will be expected to pay a refundable deposit when you pick up the carrier (unless you are a member). If you have asked for the carrier to be posted out to you, then we will email you to request payment of the deposit on the day it is due to be posted to you.

Please check out our rental frequently asked questions (under the 'rent' menu heading) if you have any questions. If your question is not answered there, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.


Babywearing has been practiced throughout the world for centuries and is extremely safe when done correctly.

Your child's safety is your responsibility. Please check yourself and your baby against the TICKS rules for safe babywearing every time you carry your baby, no matter what you carry them in. TICKS Babywearing Safety Checklist

You must always read all safety, use and care instructions prior to using this (or any) sling or carrier. Slings and carriers must only be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

Please see a video from Slingababy that shows you how to use any brand of ring sling.

If you are unsure about any aspect of using this sling, please stop using it immediately and contact us.

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Megan W.
This sling is really soft and supportive. I used it with my one month old around the house and for quick trips in the neighborhood. The fabric was a little thick for my liking especially since I was using it in the summer.
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