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Storchenwiege Vicky Ring Sling

By Storchenwiege

Please note: it will not arrive on this date


Why we love it

Vicky is a bright and cheerful wrap with deep gold and honey yellows in  bold stripes.


We love ring slings so much, we sell them too! You can rent this ring sling, or check out our other ring slings available for hire

If you are new to ring slings, check out our article all about ring slings to get you started. 


Ideal for: all babies, from premature babies to pre schoolers
Suitable for: all sized people, the smaller you are- the longer the tail of the ring sling will be
Carries: most often used for front and hip carries, but back carries are also possible. Visit our All About Ring Slings page for videos and information on the range of carries available.
Material: 50% combed cotton and 50% cotton
Shoulder style: gathered shoulder (read more about shoulder styles in our article All About Ring Slings)
Width: approx.70cm
Length: approx. 2.2m
Brand: Storchenwiege
Manufacturer's Guidelines for Use
RRP: £50

For information on how hiring a sling works visit our How Postal Hires Work page
For information on sling safety visit our Sling Safety Page


Video Courtesy of Carry My Baby


Please check out our FAQ page at the bottom of every page of our website, and our articles which answer many questions.  If your question is not answered there, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.


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