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Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Mottled Grey and Petrol Blue Ring Sling

Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Mottled Grey and Petrol Blue Ring Sling


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Our View


Why we love it: The JPMBB ring sling is one of a kind! It's called La Petite Echarpe Sans Noeud (or PESN) in French and it's a personal favourite for so many reasons.
They are made of new fabric specially developed for babywearing,
It's comfortable, easier to use than a traditional ring sling, suitable for hot weather as well as cooler weather and feels lovely and soft against yours and baby's skin. It moulds to both your shoulder and baby'b body for a lovely supportive carry.

JPMBB ring slings are made to be reversible using Oeko-Tex 100 certified dual layers of viscose, giving them the unique Je Porte Mon Bebe look. So you can have two different looks for a single person or simply a different colour for each parent.


They have an optional leather padded ring cover that means that you don't see the rings and baby can't chew them!

This ring sling has a gathered shoulder. Although it is a very personal choice, this is the style that suits most people. With a gathered shoulder you are able to get a good spread of fabric across your shoulder and back which means that the weight of your child is evenly distributed.
The JPMBB ring sling really has to be tried on to see what the fuss is about - why not rent it today?



Ideal for: all sized babies, from premature babies to pre schoolers
Suitable for: all sized people, the smaller you are- the longer the tail of the ring sling will be
Carries: designed for hip carries, but front carries also possible
Shoulder style: gathered shoulder
Width: approx.65cm
Length: approx. 174cm
Cost New: approx.£60

Did you know we also offer workshops that cover ring slings? Ring Sling Rodeo - to help you get the most out of a ring slings.


How to Rent

This carrier is available to rent!

These are the steps needed to rent this carrier:

1) Select a type of hire -you can choose from postal hire and extension of existing hire. Only use extension of existing hire if you currently have the sling in your possession.

2) Select a rental period - 2, 3 or 4 weeks

3) Pick a date to start your rental, this is the date the sling is posted to you for a new rental or the first available date if you are extending your rental. Dates is dark blue are available to be selected, dates in light blue are not able to be selected. This may be because we don't post out slings on that day, the sling is already reserved for someone else on that date or the rental period you have selected is too long for you to start a rental that day and return it before it is reserved for somebody else.

4) Choose your rental options using the drop down boxes. The mandatory boxes are starred and you must answer these questions. See here for more information about the available accessory add ons. Only accessories that are compatible with the sling you are looking at will be shown here.

5) Click 'add to shopping basket' button.

This rental will now be added to your shopping basket. You may go on to rent or purchase anything else on our site or checkout. If you wish to hire more than one sling, you are very welcome to. All rentals starting on the same date will be posted together and will be covered by a flat fee of£5 for postage. If you select several slings to be posted out on different dates we will contact you to ask for the additional postage to cover the additional parcels.

When you check out, you will need to give us your contact details, just fill in all of the boxes. You will need to pay the rental fee and postage of£5 at checkout.

You will be expected to pay a refundable deposit of£40 per sling. Larger accessories also require an additional deposit of£10. We will email you to request payment of the deposit a few days before it is due to be posted to you. You do not pay deposits as part of the checkout process. Deposits are wavered for members.

Please check out our frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered there, please contact us and we'll do our best to help.



Babywearing has been practiced throughout the world for centuries and is extremely safe when done correctly.

Your child's safety is your responsibility. Please check yourself and your baby against the TICKS rules for safe babywearing every time you carry your baby, no matter what you carry them in.

TICKS Babywearing Safety Checklist

You must always read all safety, use and care instructions prior to using this (or any) sling or carrier. Slings and carriers must only be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.


JPMBB has amazing instructions and videos.

See It

If you are unsure about any aspect of using this sling, please stop using it immediately and contact us.

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