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Sling Rental FAQs

Why should I rent a sling or carrier instead of just buying one? If you know what you want, then great! We can help you buy. But if you don't yet know what you want, renting a sling or carrier can save you precious pennies.  There are so many different brands, types and sizes out there it can be confusing to know what to go for.  If you rent something before you buy, you can find out if it does really suit you, your child and your lifestyle.  Other people hire a sling or carrier for a special occasion such as a wedding or christening (got to have the sling matching the dress!).  Or something more practical for a holiday or festival.  Others like to rent lots of slings and carriers because its cheaper than having a big stash! Whatever your needs, we're sure to have a sling or carrier to suit. 


Why should I rent a sling or carrier from you? Good question! There are an increasing number of sling libraries all around the country.  We offer  the most extensive sling library catalogue featuring exclusive prints, woven wraps of different weaves and blends, and many of the more expensive carriers that smaller libraries cannot justify the outlay to stock. We have the most detail online for each sling or carrier, including up to date availability.  So you can know what you're renting and be sure its available when you need it.


I want to rent something, but don't know what.  Help! Don't worry!  We know its daunting sometimes. Many of our slings are tagged allowing you to enter terms such as "newborn" or "toddler", "back carry" or "Padded straps" and our search engine will help you find everything that fits the bill. However, if that hasn't helped then drop us a line to hello@itsaslingthing.co.uk or via facebook and we will do our best to suggest some good options. We may also be able to recommend a local babywearing consultant in your area who may be able to give one-to-one advice (this is usually a paid for service).

How do I get hold of a sling or carrier to rent? We post out the sling to you by 24 hour tracked delivery on the first day of your hire period so it should be with you by 6pm on the day after your hire is due to start!


What do I get when I hire a sling or carrier from you? You will receive an email with details of your hire.  You will also receive a 'renter's pack' which will include details of how to return the sling and our contact details.  The product page of the sling you have hire includes links to manufacturer's instructions and safe babywearing guidelines. And, of course, you'll receive the sling itself along with any appropriate accessories!


How long can I rent a sling for?

- Two weeks
- Three weeks
- Four weeks
- Eight weeks
- Twelve Weeks  

You may extend your rental as many times as you like as long as no one else has reserved the sling.  Extensions are available for 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks.

What costs are involved in hiring a sling or carrier?  To hire a sling or carrier you need to pay a rental fee, pay us a refundable deposit if you are not a member, and pay postage fees which cover us posting the sling to you and including a bag with a postage paid label addressed to us for you to return the sling at the end of the hire.

How can I pay for my rental?  You can pay these costs in a variety of methods.  You simply add the products and services you need to your shopping basket and then pay via Paypal on check out.  If you don't have a PayPal account and want to pay online, please select PayPal and then instead of logging in, enter your card details.

How much are the rental fees?  Rental fees are the same no matter which sling or carrier you borrow.  There are five rental periods to choose from:

- Two weeks costs £10 
- Three weeks costs £14
- Four weeks costs £17
- Eight weeks costs £30
- Twelve weeks costs £45

The minimum hire length we offer is two weeks so that you get a proper chance to try it out lots of times in several situations. That's the best way to find out if it suits you, your child and your lifestyle.

Members of It's A Sling Thing get a 25% discount on these costs by logging in before they checkout they will see the discounted prices.


How much are the postage fees?  If you choose postal hire you will also need to pay for the sling to be posted to you.  Postage fees start from £11, and include postage to you, and return postage to us via Royal Mail Couriers.


When is the sling posted to me?  The sling is posted to you on the first day of your rental period.  Please bear in mind that your loan period starts the day the sling is posted to you, not the day it arrives.  


How much is the deposit?  You need to leave a returnable deposit each time you hire a sling or carrier (unless you are a member). The amount of the deposit is £40 per sling.  Please understand that most of our slings are worth more than £40 and if lost or damaged, you may be liable for more than the £40 deposit. 

What are your terms and conditions of hire?

Terms and conditions of hire can be viewed here: Terms of Hire


What happens if I need to cancel my reservation before it starts? We do offer a refund if you cancel your reservation ahead of time in some circumstances.  Please see  http://www.itsaslingthing.co.uk/pages/cancellation-policy-for-sling-rental for more details.


What happens if I return the sling back to you late? If a sling is returned late to us you will be charged £2 per day in late fees.  Please see our http://www.itsaslingthing.co.uk/pages/all-about-late-returns for more details.


In what circumstances would you keep some or all of my deposit? We do our best to resolve all issues quickly and to everyone's satisfaction. However, these are the occasions when we would take some or all of your deposit:

- Non return of the sling or carrier.  This is deemed to have occurred 14 days after the original agreed return date.  Please ensure the contact details you give us are correct as we will attempt to contact you multiple times during this period.  However, be aware it is your responsibility to return the sling or carrier on time.  You will be liable for the full replacement value of the sling or carrier.   Please be aware that this may be more or less than the deposit value. 
- Late return of the sling or carrier.  Late returns will be charged at £2 per day.  These may be waivered in exceptional circumstances but you must contact us to discuss, preferably before the end of the rental period.
- Return of a sling or carrier that is damaged in such a way as it is now unsafe.  The sling or carrier will be retired from the library immediately and you will be liable for the full replacement value of the sling or carrier.   Please be aware that this may be more or less than the deposit value. 
- Return of a sling or carrier that is damaged in such a way as it is not unsafe but is permanently damaged or stained.  The sling or carrier may be retired from the library.  If so, you may buy it from us at an agreed price.  Otherwise, you will
be liable for the difference between the full replacement value of the sling or carrier and the resale value of the damaged sling or carrier plus an admin fee for our time of £10.  Please be aware that this may be more or less than the deposit value. 
- Non return of accessories.  This is deemed to have occurred 14 days after the original agreed return date.  Please be extra careful to look after any accessories that you hire so that they can be passed on to the next customer when they hire something.
  Those little dongles can be more expensive than you'd think to replace! 


I've hired a sling or carrier but I don't like it or it's not right for us.  Can I get a refund? The whole point of renting a sling or carrier is to find out whether or not it suits you, your child and your lifestyle.  Whilst we do out best to help you find a good match, ultimately the choice of what to hire is down to you and you can't get it right every time.  We cannot offer refunds for any costs associated with renting slings or carriers under any circumstances. All rental and postal fees an non refundable once hire has started.  Just think of the money you have saved by hiring rather than buying!  If you let us know what you didn't like about it, we can help you find something else that suits you better to try.


How do I look after the sling or carrier whilst I have it? Please treat it as your own while you have it.  However, please do not smoke whilst wearing the sling or carrier and do not let it be near other smokers or smoky atmospheres. Food and posset marks are expected when carrying children, but please keep the sling away from anything that may stain permanently (oil, paint, pens, hair or make up products, nail varnish etc.), or anything that might damage it (scissors, velcro, keys in your bag, fire, etc.). 


Should I wash the sling or carrier before I return it? Do not wash the sling. This is because some slings and carriers have special care instructions for washing whilst others will fade with frequent washing.  We will clean all slings regularly and know how to deal with the usual marks. If you feel it is necessary that the sling is cleaned while on loan to you, please contact us first for advice. 


How do I return a sling or carrier? 
You simply pop the sling or carrier in the pre-labelled postage paid bag provided and drop it off to a Post Office counter by 12 noon on the last day of your hire to ensure no late fees will be owed. If you cannot return a sling to us on time, please contact us before its due to be returned to arrange an extension of your hire.

 What's your address for posting slings back?

From August 2017 we have a new address! Please post your sling back to:

c/o Jennifer Littlejohns
It's A Sling Thing
27 Bromwich Street




How do I get my deposit back?  If you return the sling in good condition and on time, we will return your deposit to you in full.  You will be contacted for your details to return the deposit and all deposit returns are processed weekly on a Monday.


How do I extend my hire of the sling or carrier I already have on loan?  Simply go to the sling or carrier listing on our website and book it again for another rental period, choosing 'I already have the sling or carrier' at checkout. 


What if my question wasn't answered above? Don't worry!  Just contact us on hello@itsaslingthing.co.uk and we'll do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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