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How Postal Hires Work

Here are the 8 steps of the postal sling hire process!

1) Choose your sling or carrier

All of our slings, carriers and accessories available to hire are listed on our website. We have hundreds to choose from! You can search by type, carry, child size, adult size, colour, features, material, occasion, size and style. Or simply browse! As much detail as possible about each sling is listed, including our personal view and statistics such as length, maximum waist belt setting and material.

2) Tell us details about your hire and about you

Once you have selected what you would like to hire, on the sling or carrier's individual page you need to tell us how long you would like to hire for and what date you would like your hire to start. Next, select the accessories you'd like with your rental. Then add the sling to your shopping basket and once you are ready to check out, you will need to enter or confirm your name and address details.

3) Pay rental fees, postage costs

Also at checkout on our website, you are able to pay for the rental fee and postage cost for your postal hire at time of booking to secure your booking. Rental fees are £10 for 2 weeks, £14 for 3 weeks and £17 for 4 weeks.

We use Royal Mail to post the sling to you so that you know it will be with you on the next working weekday. The fee for this is £11, and includes return postage to us via Royal Mail. You can drop the sling off at any Post Office using the pre-paid sticker and envelope we'll send you, and it's fully traceable all the way back to us. 

4) Pay deposit

If you are not a paid up member of It's A Sling Thing you will need to pay a deposit of £40 for every sling you rent. We cannot send out any rental slings until we have a deposit.

Deposits are due by 10am on the day your order is dispatched. 

You can pay your deposit at the time of booking, or later if  your hire isn't due to start right away. If you don't pay your deposit at the time of booking, please leave an email address that you access regularly so we can send you the deposit request emails.

We prefer direct bank transfer for deposits. 

5) The sling is posted out to you on the first day of your rental period

We will post the sling out to you on the first day of your hire. We will package the sling securely and send it via Royal Mail and email you to let you know its on the way. Included with each postal loan is a 'renter's pack' which includes:

      • Our contact details 
      • A reminder of  when the sling is due back to us
      • Packaging to return the sling or carrier in - this is a prepaid enveloped to be used when dropping off at a Post Office.
      • A postage paid sticker with our address on to be used when returning the sling
      • A reminder about babywearing safety guidelines
      • Information on how to access the manufacturer’s instructions
      • Details of how to access information on using the sling
      • Details of how to return the sling or carrier
      • Information on how to extend your rental if you so wish
      • Discount code valid on our store for future purchases

6) Use the sling

As soon as you sign to receive the sling or carrier you are responsible for it, so please look after it, but do treat it as your own and have fun with it.

Whichever rental period you have selected, an additional 2 days are added onto the rental for transit time, so  you should get the full amount of time you selected with the sling. For example, if you have selected a 2 week rental period to start on the 10th of the month, it will be due back on the 26th (14 days plus 2 extra days = 16 days).

If you have any questions during this time, just contact us.


7) Return the sling so it arrives on or before the last day of your rental period

Please ensure that the sling or carrier is posted back with to before or on the date specified in your renter’s pack. By dropping it off at a Post Office by 12 noon on the last day of your hire you will ensure no late fees will be due.

8) Your deposit is returned to you

Once we receive the sling and all accessories back on time and in good condition, we will request your bank details for the return of your deposit. We do this on a Monday so it should happen the first Monday after we receive your details. 

That’s it! If you have any questions or feedback for us on the postal loan service, please do just get in touch on hello@itsaslingthing.co.uk

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