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Feeding on the Go

Precious time. Do you find that the hours of the day just slip away?  How do you prioritise your time? Spending time with your precious baby who's changing and growing daily?  Or keeping on top of the housework, shopping and cooking? Which isn't a priority but part of my daily life!


A short time ago my precious little boy was born and in the blink of an eye he's growing up. So how do I juggle things so I don't miss out and still function as a wife and mother?  The simplest thing in the world my collection of slings. I have my preference for my Melkaj mei tai, but have a small collection for different things.  That's the joy of the world of slings - they are tools to enable you to have extra snuggles with you little one, do house chores, go shopping and do things on the go. And there is a style to suit everyone. So, I’ll tell you how I use mine.  


I use mine on my front to feed my little one. I loosen the straps of my Melkaj mei tai or Connecta (buckle carrier), lower him down and start feeding.  It's taken a little practice but we mastered each skill separately. My little one has been poorly recently and wanted to nurse like a new born again. So the sling enabled me to keep him close and offer him the comfort and cuddles he needed, the opportunity to nurse when he wanted and I could still potter around as needed.  Also I still feed my little one on demand and I always find that feeding when out happens in the middle of something.  As nice as it is to stop for coffee and cake you have the option to keep doing what you’re doing and feed.


What I love best about feeding in the sling is when he is milk full you can see his eyes roll. You tighten the sling back up and he snuggles into you closed his eyes and drifts off to sleep. He is close enough to kiss you can feel his warmth and just snuggle him. We have all experienced the upset hours when you spend hours walking up and down, rocking the little to comfort them when there teething, tired and overwhelmed.  In a sling you can hold them close, comfort them without the feeling that your arms are going to drop off after 3 hours of cuddles.  


In addition I have two busy Collie dogs and a pop around the block on the lead just won't suffice. I spend a lot of time walking with them.  I live near the woods so the opportunity to put my little one on my back and I know he is safe.   I grab my dogs and walk to the woods is great.  We have the benefit of climbing the stiles, trudging through the mud and letting my dogs have the exercise needed.  And all we have to do when we get back is let the dogs clean themself and wipe off the wellies and lower baby down. We are not restricted where we go we don't have to lift prams or clean wheels upon our return.  Slings are so versatile they can allow you to have time with your child, be hand free and comfort them. They are a tool which can assist you through your parenting journey and I wouldn’t be without mine!


By Jodie Challionor


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