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Extending Your Rental

We hope you are enjoying your sling rental. If you would like more time with the sling, you are welcome to extend your rental at any time as long as it has not been reserved by anyone else. Therefore, if you wish to extend your rental it is usually better to extend your hire earlier rather than later.

To extend your rental, please type the name of the sling you have into the search and press the search button. If the calendar for the sling you have shows that it is available to rent a few days after your hire is due to end then it is available for you to extend. Each hire has a few days built in to it automatically to allow for washing if needed between hires.

One you have determined that the sling is not booked out to someone else, you can go ahead and extend your rental. Simply choose the 'hire type' of 'extension of rental' and then follow all the same steps that you did when you originally hired the sling.



Search for the sling or carrier you would like to extend your rental for:
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