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For all your babywearing needs. 

About Me

From that very moment your precious baby is born you want to hold them, cuddle them and most importantly, you want to protect them from the world. This is entirely natural for all parents. It was this innate feeling that first inspired me to start It's a Sling Thing. That feeling that as parents we can be close to our children (and them to us) but that doing so needn't be a burden or an inconvenience. Rather it can be a pure joy.


My name is Kerry and I am the founder of It's a Sling Thing, one the UK's most comprehensive online baby sling and carrier rental and purchase services. I first became a mother in 2011 when my son was born and he has recently been joined by a little sister in 2014. Back in those early days, I struggled to calm my little boy. He needed constant carrying and soothing – something I couldn't always provide. The day I discovered slings was the day my life as a mother changed and my previous career as a financial advisor was left far behind.


By 2012 I had set up a sling library for families in Chester. After 18 months, I moved the business online in the hope that I could provide this much needed service for families all over the country. I am incredibly proud to have helped parents of children with mobility problems, those with twins, those who have toddlers along with new babies and hundreds of people who required a simple, safe and effective way of carrying their child.  I'm fully committed to giving independent advice to as many people as possible to find a comfortable and practical way to carry their children for as long as they want to.


As well as being an enthusiastic proponent of babywearing, I am also member of the British Association of Babywearing Instructors (BABI) and have completed several qualifications as a babywearing consultant. I’ve trained with Traguschule, Slingababy and JPMBB. I’ve also taken shorter courses, learning about using slings in pregnancy and labour and about the amazing versatility of pods.


I take my role very seriously as I see it as an important service not offered elsewhere in the healthcare system – despite the positive effect for the children and the parents.


Some people ask me why they would want to rent or buy a baby carrier when there are always pushchairs. I point out the ease of carrying a small child when you need to carry on with your day. You can hold the hand of your other children (or your partner), you can feed your child without needed to remove them from the sling, you can easily travel on public transport or overseas. Have you ever tried using a pushchair while holding an umbrella? I could go on.


Parents come to us because they want to try slings for themselves before they decide to buy or maybe they only need a sling for a short period of time (when going on holiday as an example) or maybe they simply want great advice from professionals about which carrier is best for the needs.


Here at It's a Sling Thing, we see ourselves as facilitating the type of parenting that you want to achieve. We are not precious about babywearing – but recognise that parents choose it for all kinds of reasons, either short term or long term. We want you to choose the best carrier to suit you – we just care that you’re both comfortable and safe.


We know busy parents need a service that is flexible and easy to use – our great prices and quick delivery help enormously too! We are here to help – so check out our website to find the right sling for you. 

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