Consultant training completely online

Train in either our baby or toddler specialism, or both with our interactive online training. 

Your online training experience


Understand the CalmFamily approach to parent support, develop an evidence informed understanding, and see how our unique structure makes our programme sessions so effective.

Build relationships

Get to know some of the CalmFamily leaders and your fellow trainees in a comfortable and intimate small group setting.

Purpose built

Learn how to facilitate sessions to achieve your objective. Reflect on how to adapt delivery for online or in-person sessions. Discover how our unique session structure effectively supports parents emotionally, helps them achieve a state that is responsive to learning, and empowers them to make positive changes to their lives.


Gain practical skills in carrying, infant and toddler handling, and experience hands on activities we run with parents. 
1 Core content
2 Specialism specific
3 Interactive
4 Global
5 Affordable
Core content

Cross specialism

The first week of our online training covers the content that is core across baby and toddler specialisms.

Your cohort will include those training to specialise in babies, toddlers, or both.

Content includes the CalmFamily approach to parent support, a skills audit, the role of the consultant, understanding human needs, understanding neurological and psychological development, the importance of relationships for development, using frameworks to support families and much more.

Cross specialism
Specialism specific

Specialism specific

If you are training in a single specialism you only need attend the training weeks related to your chosen area. However, most of our online trainees take the dual specialism option and train in both programmes.

The second week is usually dedicated to baby specialist content. In this week you will get to grips with the specifics of support parents with babies under 12 months, including the sessions and programmes you will be able to run. 

The third week is a break, those completing the dual specialism will be please to take a breather. 

The fourth week is usually dedicated to toddler content. In this week you will get to grips with the specifics of support parents with toddlers between 12 months and 5 years, including the sessions and programmes you will be able to run.

Sometimes the order in which specialist content is delivered may be switched.

Specialism specific

Listen, talk, watch, do, run

We aim to mix it up so sessions aren't hours of listen to us excitedly bombard you with information. We encourage you to reflect on your experience and examine how you can relate the information to your life, discussing the range of experiences parents have. Some activities or illustrations involve watch prerecorded videos, others get you up and moving, putting on slings, practicing teaching each other skills, facilitating activities from workshops and more. 

Listen, talk, watch, do, run


Our online training is open to people all over the world. We have trained people in the USA, the Philippines, throughout Europe, Australia, Mozambique, UAE and more. Time zones can make things tricky, however, we understand that trainees may be unable to make every part of every session. We have successfully supported all of our international trainees to access and engage with training in a way that works for them.



Our online training, especially the combined dual specialism price, is the most affordable way to train. With the offer of standardised six or 12 month payment plans, or bespoke plans where needed we aim to make training affordable for all. 

We can support trainees who wish to apply to external bodies for funding to train with us. 

We also offer a fully bursaried single specialism place to an individual from a group that is underrepresented in our organisation on each course.  All individuals eligible to apply for our bursary are also eligible for a 10% diversity discount. 


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40+ hours interactive learning

Approximately 40 hours of interactive learning for a single specialism, or 55 hours for dual specialism.

Social learning

Learn through discussion, shared experience, and personal reflection. Form relationships of mutual support that extend past interactive training.

Relaxed atmosphere train from home

Train in comfortable surroundings, with no travel or accommodation costs or time.


Covering a huge range of topics and learning from principle, supporting you to truly grasp and apply knowledge. Understanding from principle supports sharing appropriate information with parents.

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Online content accessible globally

Learning online means our training is now accessible to people wherever they are. We have trained individuals all over the world and look forward to to growing our global community.

Catch up on sessions

If you cannot attend a session or want to recap then you can watch them back. All sessions are recorded and made available online.

Ongoing support

Support doesn't stop at the end of the final session. We support you through the assessment process, offer CPD several times a year, and have online consultant communities for peer support.

Flexible around family

Fit training around your family life. Many trainees combine training with work and family responsibilities.



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