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Facilitate the learning of deeply nurturing human practices

Nurture specialist consultants have a width and breadth of knowledge of what human beings need to feel connected and nurtured. Using the science of the human brain and our psychology we can teach ancient practices passed within communities for generations before the changing of our societies. The best part is that we insist upon evidence and so base the practices we teach on scientifically sound research.

You will be able to support and educate parents on all forms of nurturing touch, including infant massage (and beyond) for relief, development, connection and stimulation. But this isn’t all. You will bring practices of relaxation, regulation of the mind, containment of the body and movement and position (sometimes called yoga) of the body together to create a truly nurturing experience.

With this knowledge you will offer bespoke consultations to educate and support parents in nurturing their families, and a programme of workshops and courses under the NurtureCalm brand (with membership of the community). These include:

The training process

Interactive learning

As part of a blended learning experience, you will receive interactive learning with CalmFamily leadership.

Interactive learning

You will be able to choose whether to do this in a group setting online, or in person, or you can do this privately.
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Online modules

Alongside this, you will undertake online modules in our system that form the deeper knowledge our consultants have.

Online modules

The modules include written content, videos, and assessments. They are comprehensive, and you are fully supported to succeed.
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Full support

You have completed basic training and we will always support you with all our hearts to get up and running, we also offer a mentoring process.


Our mentoring programme involves one to one mentoring with an experienced consultant to support you to develop you skills and business in your way.
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You will study modules online, covering:

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