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Six Reasons to Love Ali Dover Woven Wraps

Posted on September 11, 2016

We love Ali Dover woven wraps.  Here's why!

1. Made in the UK

Ali lives in the UK with her 3 children, and has grown up with a love of art and photography. Her love for babywearing has developed with each child. Her purpose now is to "unwrap the potential of baby carrying, through my woven wraps, through my photography and styling, by pulling together my passions for nurturing babies and helping women to feel their most beautiful, unique and maverick selves."

2. Beautiful colour combinations

Ali's wraps are beautiful stripes and prints inspired by places and photography. From the seven coloured stripes of Steel, to Hygge in a calming teal and white design we're sure you'll find something you'll love.

3. Soft from new

Described as "buttery soft", there's no need to spend months breaking in your new wrap. Suitable for a precious newborn or a sturdy toddler from the get-go!

4. Affordable

Ali's wraps start from around £90, very competitively priced for such a high quality wrap.

5. Names with meaning

Ali's wraps are all named after something they are influenced by - Steel was named for the steel city of Sheffield, where Sweet's candy colours of pink, blues, mint and grey instantly give me a sugar craving!

6. Stunning photography

Ali has photographed several other carrier brands such as Connecta and EmeiBaby, as well as beautiful portraits of adults and children. We love her work, and you can see her passion for baby-wearing in many of her pictures.


If you'd like to see more, you can find Ali's site here to view her wraps and photography.

We have an Ali Dover woven wrap available to hire here.  

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