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Responsibility policy essentials

We’re a family and we understand how tenuous the work/life balance can be. We offer family-friendly work hours, and our team can bring their children to work with them when they need to.

Recruitment: aim to recruit diverse backgrounds (consultants/employees)



  • Preventative boycotting – we do not purchase from unethical companies
  • Positive purchasing – we make purchase choices based on ethics
  • Purpose-focused partnerships – we choose to partner with other ethics and sustainable organisations
  • Pursuit of grass-roots change – we seek out change to capitalist consumerism.

We always try to work with suppliers and manufacturers whose ethics mirror that of own business. This means sourcing goods manufactured in ethically managed factories; from brands who work within the EU; it means supporting manufacturers who support their workers and offer fair wages and working conditions; it means trying to source products that use organic fibres. It has even meant ending relationships with suppliers who will not accept their own social and environmental responsibilities.

We can always do more, and we’re always striving to do our best. We’re not just responsible for ourselves – we have a responsibility to each other and to the place we call home.

  • Protect the community – we develop in a way that works for our community
  • Protect society – we give more than we take through social programmes
  • Protect economies – we ensure our growth is at a rate that is responsible and allows us to maintain our ethical working practices
  • Protect the planet – we reduce waste and energy use and increase efficiency as much as possible