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25 things to do whilst you’re waiting for your order to arrive!

things to do check list
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25 things to do whilst you’re waiting for your order to arrive!

things to do check list
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You’ve ordered and now you’re waiting (im)patiently for it to arrive! Whether you are new to slings or an old hand we have put together a list of things to do to keep you occupied until it arrives!

Getting to grips with carrying

Dad learning to woven wrap a baby in sling
  1. Read up on the safety info for using a sling or carrier safely
    It’s always handy to be sure about the safety issues which can occur and what to look for to make sure your little one is safe
  2. Get familiar with the checklist for getting a great fit with a sling or carrier
    Whilst safety is paramount, everyone being comfortable has a lot more things to think about! Read through our checklist of what to look for
  3. Find the instructions for your sling
    Browse our list of instructions to find the ones you need, or head to our YouTube channel to see our video tutorials (and don’t forget to subscribe)!
  1. Plan when and where you’re going to first try it out!
    Going on a special trip? Do you need some time around the house to try it first? Or do you have an event in mind? Or just the school run?
  2. Find out how to keep warm, or keep cool, whatever the weather
    Whether it’s blowing gales or baking sun it’s normal to worry about keeping your baby at the right temperature. Look through our tips to find what might work for you.
  3. Buy us a coffee!
    Our 15 minute phone consultations will always be free to anyone who needs them. If you can help support that we would be very grateful

Family life

things to do explore baby sling on holiday
  1. Get a good night’s sleep (…haha…ha)
    Sorry, we know that’s not always on the cards, but hopefully you can find some time to feel rested and refreshed
  2. Find your local CalmFamily consultant
    CalmFamily has people across the country trained as BabyCalm, ToddlerCalm and BirthCalm consultants offering workshops and other groups to support you in your parenting journey
  3. Take a nap together
    If your little one is napping, join them if you can. Everyone will feel more rested and the rest of the list can wait 😉
understand your baby
  1. Find somewhere new to explore
    A new park to take your kids, a new path to walk to work, a new place for holiday – whatever you enjoy. Ask for recommendations of things to do locally or just enjoy a good google!
  2. Find out what’s happening in your child’s brain right now
    Our children’s minds can be a closed book to us but there’s some great info out there about what is happening at different ages and stages


  1. Watch a good film
    Or even fit in all three Lord of the Rings extended editions 😉 Even if you’re not getting that great nights sleep, hopefully this can help with feeling rested and refreshed!
things to do black woman reading a book in bed
  1. Arrange to meet up with a friend
    Old friend or new friend, friend with kids or not, make some plans to go and have a little bit of fun with someone
  2. Listen to your favourite album
    Even have a dance!
  3. Play a little game
    Everyone deserve’s a bit of mindless matching fun right?
  4. Read a book
    Or a bit of a book. Whether its your favourite or something new, a book can be a handy escape from all this waiting!

Just for fun

things to do drawing of a cat
  1. Learn a nursery rhyme in another language
    It’s great for your little one’s brain and great for yours too!
  2. Draw cats with your toddler
    This might take up a whole day on its own. Substitute whatever animal your little one is currently obsessed with! We have even lots of suggestions of fun things to do with your children.
  3. Learn a new dance!
    Do it when no-one’s watching, do it with the kids!
  4. Learn the Ukulele
    Yes, I know it’s getting silly now, but really it is super quick to learn and it’s what Amazon Prime is for right?!
  1. Plan your next hire!
    If you want to try something else, there’s plenty out there. If you want to talk through some options just get in touch to book a free 15 minute phone consult too.

Or not

things to do paperwork
  1. Eat 12 pineapples
    If you’re pregnant this might not (or might be!) the option for you. Frankly, I think you’d probably find you mouth extremely uncomfortable after 12 pineapples but it’s definitely a thing you can do in a day (sorry, it’s been a long week here!)
  2. Do that paperwork you’ve been putting off
    From tax returns to tax credits – whatever it is maybe you can find the time you need before your order arrives
  3. Clear out the veg drawer
    Never anyone’s favourite task, but removing whatever is lurking in the back might deal with the funky smell in the kitchen too
  1. Run a marathon?
    Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but running has been shown to have lots of positive effects for your health both physical and mental. Maybe aiming lower – a couple of laps in the garden with the kids!

Whatever you do, we hope that you love your order when it arrives. Thank you!

Meanwhile, find out more about slings, carriers and carrying in the carrying section of our Knowledge hub

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