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Tula Baby Carrier

By Tula



Our View


Why we love it:  If I had to choose just one carrier, the Tula would be it!  Its simple but beautiful, but most importantly comfortable due to the heavy padding on the shoulder straps.  Its great for babies up to about 18 months.


It has a small zippered pocket in the waist band, leg padding and a detachable hood.


This carrier is available to buy.  We also have several Tulas available to hire, under the 'rent' menu heading.


Please note, next day delivery is NOT available on Tulas coming from Poland.


Options Explained


Tula Free To Grow Width Extenders - these are accessories which increase the width of a seat in a buckle carrier so adjusts it to the right size for your baby.  This extends the time you can use your carrier or helps you use one carrier for two different sized children.  Although they are made by Tula, it can be used on almost any brand of buckle carrier.


Infant Insert - this is a cushioned wrap which you put the baby in and then put them into the carrier.  Infant inserts are usually used for babies between 7-12lb (3.2-5.5kg) or until they have strong and consistent head and neck control and are comfortable in the froggy leg position.



Ideal for: smaller babies and larger babies
Suitable for: suits all sizes of people
Carries: front carries and back carries
Material: cotton
Special features: small zippered pocket in waist, detachable hood

Body panel: contoured at the top
Width of main panel: approx. 37 cm / 14.5 inches
Length of main panel: approx. 39 cm / 15.5 inches

Waist: gently contouring waist belt, medium width with light padding and small pocket, elastic bands to keep the ends of straps tidy 
Minimum waist setting: approx. 63 cm / 25 inches
Maximum waist setting: approx. 149 cm / 58 inches

Shoulder straps: padding at the top of the shoulder straps. quite thick, can only be worn back pack style, elastic bands to keep the ends of straps tidy 
Minimum shoulder strap setting: approx. 46 cm / 18 inches
Maximum shoulder strap setting: approx. 122 cm / 48 inches

Hood: detachable hood
Chest strap: integrated and adjustable height
Reversible: no

Manufacturer's weight guidelines: from 7kg

Did you know we also offer a workshop that covers buckle carriers Buckles Bonanza to help you get the most out of a buckle carrier?


• Front and back carry 
• Panel: 45 cm (18") tall & 48 cm  (19") wide
• Easy to use. Fast to put on and take off • Tula Carrier complies with the European Safety Norm EN 13209- 2:2006 • Business Member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance (BCIA) • High quality, 100% cotton with Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate • Highest quality Duraflex buckles and YKK snap buttons • Pocket on the hip belt for additional storage • Hood to support baby’s head while asleep, to protect from sun or wind, and to allow for comfortable breastfeeding • Additional padding in shoulder straps and child's leg area for extra comfort • Three section hip belt that contours around waist • Machine Washable • Made and Design in EU in a our own manufacturing facility



Babywearing has been practiced throughout the world for centuries and is extremely safe when done correctly.

Your child's safety is your responsibility.  Please check yourself and your baby against the TICKS rules for safe babywearing every time you carry your baby, no matter what you carry them in.

TICKS Babywearing Safety Checklist

You must always read all safety, use and care instructions prior to using this (or any) sling or carrier.  Slings and carriers must only be used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. 

Please note we do not recommend you carry your child on your front with them facing out in any sling or carrier.

Tula Instructions

If you are unsure about any aspect of using this sling, please stop using it immediately and contact us. 

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