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Girasol Size 6 Woven Wrap (In Stock)

By Girasol


Our View


Why we love it: These wraps are stunning! 

Girasol is a quality German brand and their wraps are lovely and soft straight from the box, with quite a blankety feeling. They are of medium thickness.  Many shops have exclusive colourways as well as the standard wide variety of Girasol colours.


These slings are available to buy.  We also have several Girasol wraps available to hire, under the 'rent' menu heading.


***These carriers are in stock with us here in the UK and are ready for dispatch immediately.***



You have a choice of diamond weave or cross twill on most ring slings and wraps. 


Cross twill is the standard method of weaving and is soft and supportive (and slightly cheaper!).  

Cross twill Northern Lights


Diamond weave shows a small diamond pattern on the wrap.  Some say that diamond weave is more supportive for heavier toddlers but my personal opinion is that either are supportive as long as you wrap well! 


Diamond weave Northern Lights


Ultimately its down to personal preference (and what's in stock!)



Wearababy exclusives are Girasol colourways that are exclusive to Wearababy and cost slightly more than standard Girasol colourways that are available with every Girasol wholesaler.


If in doubt, ask us! hello@itsaslingthing.co.uk.


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